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St Helens Spartans Gaming Articles

Rogue Trader: Session Five

“Sins And Secrets” Hi again. Welcome to our ongoing Rogue Trader campaign, following the erstwhile crew of the ship ‘Seraph’. The smoke hadn’t cleared from the Plasma Convergence Chamber before the riot suppression crews moved in to secure both the chambe
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Rogue Trader: Session Four

“Paths Into Nightmare” Welcome to the next instalment of our ongoing Rogue Trader campaign, in which we follow the crew of the Seraph as they seek adventure and fortune in the fabled Koronus Expanse! Following the events of the foretelling, the redoubtable crew of The Sera
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Sad News

It is with great Sadness that I am tasked with announcing the recent passing of one of the founding members of the St Helens Wargames Society/Club. Phil succumbed to Septicemia brought on by an adverse reaction to Chemotherapy he was undgoing to control his recently diagnosed throat c
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Rogue Trader: Session Three

‘The Foretelling’ Hi there! Welcome to the third instalment of our Rogue Trader campaign, following the exploits of our ship, The Seraph, and her intrepid crew, in their attempts to wrest fortune and glory from the Koronus Expanse. The Lieges Court at the heart of Footfall
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