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St Helens Spartans Gaming Articles

Team Yankee New Models

Team Yankee Project Phase 1 So I am working on models to play the Team Yankee Modern Wargame from Battlefront, the people who brought us Flames of War. I have been collecting the British Army of the Rhine and the Russians as I am stupid enough to enjoy building both sides and at the t
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Access To Car Park

Access to Ruskin St Helens Council has today started work on replacing the bridge at the end of Ruskin Drive which accesses our car park. Until the replacement bridge is completed, access to the car park will be via the entrance on Rivington Road. The Meadows and Bungalow buildings wi
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Pulp Action Monday

We recently played a very interesting game of Pulp action gang warfare called Pulp Alley. Each player plays a gang of typical pulp hero’s or villains for example Nazi Soldiers, Mobsters, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Cthulhu Cultists. The game revolves around a plot lin
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Frostgrave Pictures

Here is a selection of images from one of our recent Frostgrave games down at the club. Mike Willis has been working hard to get a good selection of terrain together to showcase this great game system, and combined with his figures and some of my own we have put on some spectacular sk
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