Phalanx Traders

Trader NameContactDetails
WESTWIND PRODUCTIONS[email protected]28mm fantasy/sci fi/historical; 15mm WW2; ancients 1/3000th scale
MAGIC GEEK[email protected]CCGs Card and Board Games
HELION AND COMPANY PUBLISHINGAndy Miles [email protected]Publishers of military history
WARLORD GAMES[email protected]Historical & Sci-fi 28mm models and games, Bolt action, Gates of Antares, Black Powder, Hail Caesar, Pike and shotte, Dr who
DAVID LANCHESTERDavid Lanchester Books [email protected]Books, new and preowned, Osprey and Board games
TUMBLING DICETumbling Dice [email protected]Aircraft and ancient 25mm, WW1 20mm, 1/2400 Nautical Ancient to WW1
ABC BRUSHES[email protected]Artist painting brushes
WARBASESWARBASES [email protected]Bases, movement trays, buildings, miniture tufts and flocks, All for one rules
MAGNETIC DISPLAYS / CORITANI[email protected]Basing products, resin scenes, paints and brushes
GLENBROOK GAMES[email protected]Painted figures and embrioded dice bags and painting services
THE SLEEPING DRAGON HOBBY SHOP[email protected]Paints tools and scenic materials and scenic modelling
COLONEL BILLSStuart Armstrong [email protected]Historical figures, sceneral & paints
LANCASHIRE GAMESLancashire Games [email protected]Minitures 10-28mm, Piquet rules and painting service
THE PIT GAMING SHOP[email protected]Wide range of miniatures, wargames, RPGs, scenery & Hobby Supplies
TIGER MINIATURESTiger Miniatures [email protected]28mm metal figures, WW1 - colonial, asian, 28mm terrain
LESLEYS BITS BOX[email protected]Games Workshop, KR Multicases and second hand models
FIREPOWER GAMES[email protected]Wings of glory, by fire & sword, flames of war, MDF buildings, Figures and trays
PENDRAKEN[email protected]Huge selection of 10mm figures,plus paints, bases, decals and buildings
S & A SCENICSSimon Brooks Scenery
MANTIC GAMES[email protected]Wargames and boardgames
BACCUS 6MMBaccus 6mm [email protected]All 6mm related - models and scenery
SARISSA[email protected]Laser cut MDF buildings and accessories
MUTANT DICE GAMES[email protected]Board Games
1ST CORPS[email protected]High quality 25 - 28mm resins and metal figures
EAGLE FIGURES[email protected]Specialist in 28mm Napoleonics
MONARCH TABLETOP GAMES[email protected]Wargame rules, Osprey Publishing books and games, Boardgames and gamers grass
AYSMMETRIC WARGAMES[email protected]Offering products designed for 20th and 21st century wargaming with a wide range of accessories
KALLISTRAKallistra [email protected]WW1 range of miniatures and rules. Historical fantasy miniatures and H&H medieval rules plus hex terrain, scenery etc..
GRUBBY TANKSGrubbytanks [email protected]WW2 20mm, Painted and unpainted, 28mm plastic soldier company kits
GAMES OF WAR[email protected]Resin Ships, boats and buildings
THE BAGGAGE TRAIN[email protected]10mm, 20mm & 25mm figures & terrain from ancients, fantasy and sci/fi
NEWLINE DESIGNS[email protected]10,20 & 28mm white metal figures covering ancient, dark ages, napoleonic and Victorian eras
UNDER FIRE MINIATURES[email protected]White metal figures for use in 20 & 28mm games, also 1/72 scale vehicle conversion kits
SCOTIA GRENDEL[email protected]6mm micro armour (WW2 / Modern / SciFi) & 28mm Fantasy and Sci Fi
EARLY WAR MINIATURES[email protected]20mm scale WW1 to WW2 figures, models and scenics
4GROUND[email protected]MDF Model kits and terrain