Phalanx Trade

If you are looking to book a table for our Next Phalanx please contact our Trade organiser

Simon Wright

[email protected]

ABC BRUSHES[email protected]Artist painting brushes
ACTUAL SIZE MINIATURES[email protected]3D printed and resin cast scenery and models
BACCUS 6MM[email protected]All 6mm related - models and scenery
BLOTZ[email protected],MDF terrain and accessories in a wide variety of scales and genres
BOW AND BLADE[email protected],Paints, tools and sculpting supplies. 3D printed and laser cut scenery and miniatures
CHRISTOPHER MORRIS BOOKS[email protected]Books - Millitary, Naval and Aviation
COLONEL BILLS[email protected]Depot Battalion, Belt fed gaming & D'Arlo Figurines. Fighting 15s, Warbases, Xyston Miniatures & EMP Figures & loads of 2nd Hand
CROOKED DICE[email protected]Specialising in wargame rules and miniatures inspired by the many and varied iconicworlds of 60s,70s cult TV
DAVE THOMAS[email protected]
DAVID LANCHESTER[email protected]Books, new and preowned, Osprey and Board games and retro board games from 70s and 80s
EAGLE FIGURES[email protected]Specialist in 28mm Napoleonics
GLENBROOK GAMES[email protected]Painted figures and embrioded dice bags and painting services
GRUBBY TANKS[email protected]WW2 20mm, Painted and unpainted, 28mm plastic soldier company kits
INSTANT ARMIES[email protected]Second Hand Painted and unpainted figures
IRON GATE SCENERY[email protected]3D Printed Scenery andMiniatures for tabletop games. Resin and PLA
MAGIC GEEK[email protected]CCGs Card and Board Games
MAGNETIC DISPLAYS / CORITANI[email protected]Basing products, resin scenes, paints and brushes
MIGHTY LANCER GAMES[email protected]A vast array of miniatures, games and books from Reaper, Wizzkids, and Games Workshop and many more
PENDRAKEN[email protected]Huge selection of 4000 products 10mm figures,plus paints, MDF bases, decals and MDF buildings and Red Vectors
S & A SCENICS[email protected]Model scenery. 25mm Hinchliffe post 1700 figures
THE LITTLE CORPORAL[email protected],
THE PIT GAMING SHOP[email protected]All ranges of miniatures, scenery & Hobby Supplies
THE SLEEPING DRAGON HOBBY SHOP[email protected]Paints and hobby supplies
TIGER MINIATURES[email protected]28mm metal figures, WW1 - colonial, balkans, pulp
TUMBLING DICE[email protected]Aircraft and ancient 25mm, WW1 20mm, 1/2400 Nautical Ancient to WW1
WARBASES[email protected]MDF Wargaming items, Bifrost Miniatures (28mm Fantasy), Commando Miniatures (28mm Post WW2 for Aden/Malaya etc.), Antonine Miniatures (2mm figures and buildings for Strength and Honour rules), Army Painter paints and tools, Mininatur tufts and flock.
WARLORD GAMES[email protected]>Historical Miniatures
WESTWIND PRODUCTIONS[email protected]28mm fantasy/sci fi/historical; 15mm WW2; ancients 1/3000th scale