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Demonstration / Participation Games Confirmed

OrganisationContactGame DescriptionScalePeriod
All Hell Let LooseCharles Rowntree Bloody Omaha - A participation game recreating the D-Day landings on Omaha Beach. 6mmWW2
All Independent 54mm Wargames ClubStephen Lloyd and Ian DerbyshireFrench versus Russians and Prussians54mmNapoleonic
Aurelia LudusPeter BickertonI'd love to demo Aurelia Shadow Wars, a fast-paced, squad-based sci fi wargame designed for campaign play.
Aurelia Shadow Wars is a work in progress, and I'm specifically seeking feedback from experienced gamers to help refine the gameplay. The core mechanics are built around a d10 based system designed to play quickly, with a few mechanics that add a level of unpredictability to the gameplay.
The playtest rules are currently available for free download from Wargame Vault. However I'm eager to get feedback in person from experienced gamers in regard to the on-table core mechanics.
Beacon Gaming ClubWill McNallyWestern Desert 1941
Cheshire and Staffordshire WargamersSimon Beazley Battle of the Alma (British Sector)28mmCrimean War
East Lancashire Wargames AssociationAndy McGuireAncients (British) game; warband vs warband28mmAncients
East Lancashire Wargames AssociationAndy McGuireAztecs vs Spanish game28mmRenaissance
East Warrington GamingAndrew Pridden
Furness WarlordsMartin Bourne
Halifax Wargames ClubAdrian SteerA demonstration game of PLANCENOIT using the Bataille Empire Ruleset15mmNapoleonic
James Mitchell & Bren DolanJames Mitchell Talavera 1809. Demo game which can accommodate a couple of additional players on the day. Using Sam Mustafa’s Blucher rules
It is a compact game, designed to show that large battles can be nicely scaled down for those with more limited space and /or budget
Lance and Longbow Dave Lanchester / David ShuttleworthMedieval demonstration games.28mmMedieval
LWA LiverpoolIan SandersonTBA
LWA LiverpoolIan SandersonTBA
LWA LiverpoolIan SandersonClub info stand
Mailed FistChristopher GinnWestern Desert 15mmWW2
Mantic GamesKings of War and Deadzone.
Nervosa GamesTribal Conquest. Prehistoric skirmish game.28mmFantasy
Oldham WargamersEwan ThomsonAnother day in Ukuechana.
CANZUK forces must aid Ukuechana forces in stopping a group of PMCs from conducting an illegal arms sale.
Phoenix Modelling & Wargames SocietyRonald FosterModelling and wargames figure and unit display N/AVarious
SpartansMike WillisXenos Rampant. A raid in the Ash Wastelands.28mmSF
SpartansKevin HaynesClub Info Desk
The Copper Sapper CompanyIain MillerA War Transformed.28mmWW1
The Pit Gaming ShopKings of War and Walking Dead 28mmFantasy
Tiger MiniaturesParticipation game. North West Frontier skirmish.28mmColonial
VBCW ForumJames Thomson
Wakefield & District WargamersChris Jackson
Warlord GamesBolt action game.28mmWW2