Demonstration Games / Participation Games Confirmed

OrganisationGame Description
All Indepentdent 54mm Wargames Club54mm Colonial. The Battle of Isandlwana. Involving 1000 figures.
Cheshire and Staffordshire Wargamers28mm Seven Years War. Torgau 1760. It's a classic outflanking attack by Frederick the Great.
In the Battle of Torgau on 3 November 1760, King Frederick the Great's Prussian army fought a slightly larger Austrian army under the command of Field Marshal Leopold Josef Graf Daun. The Prussians won a costly victory in one of the bloodiest battles of the Third Silesian War (part of the Seven Years' War).
East Lancashire Wargames Association15mm ACW Fire & Fury
East Lancashire Wargames Association15mm Ancient.
East Lancashire Wargames Association28mm WW1 Trench Game.
Footsore Miniatures28mm Ancient. Gangs of Rome skirmish.
Jerwood Miniatures28mm Modern. Wars of insurgency. Forces of the UIIF are taking supplies to forward units, when they receive information of unknown forces nearby.
Lancaster Wargames Club1/1200 Victorian SF.This would be a Participation game.
The title would be 'Full Speed ahead and damn the Heat Rays'

Commodore Edward Black looked on grim faced as the Martian war machines on the horizon plunged into the shallow coastal waters blocking the escape route of the civilian ships leaving the port. Any doubt as to the Martians intentions was quickly banished as a small steam yacht was incinerated by the Martian Heat Ray. He turned to his flag lieutenant, "Please signal the flotilla to make best speed and engage the enemy when in range" Below his feet, the destroyer's engines began to race as his ship heeled over and then settled on its new course heading straight for the deadly war machines.

In this game, play the role of the Royal Navy bravely taking on the Martian War machines.
Lance and Longbow 28mm Medieval. Stamford bridge1454
During the 15th century for many years a feud had simmered in the north of England between the Neville and Percy families and the petty squabbling occasionally flared up into something more serious. One of these occasions occurred when, in August 1453, there was an attack on a Neville wedding party (after the wedding some manors currently held by the Percy’s would move to the Neville’s) this ambush took place at Heworth Moor. Details are scarce but it seems due to the numbers involved and the presence of the bride led Montague who was leading the wedding party to decide flight was the better option to fight. Through the winter of 1453/54 more serious skirmish took place with these tit for tat raids and attacks escalating until 31st October 1454 (some evidence points to the 1st November), there was a clash at Stamford bridge involving several hundred men a side. Lord Egremont in particular seems to have gathered up as many men as he could from the Percy estates. There is no detailed account of the battle so information is scarce as to what happened but it was recorded that hundreds were killed and many more injured. After the battle two members of the Percy family ( Lord Egremont and Richard Percy)were captured and it appears the Neville’s were the victors.

This will be a participation game and we will be using our own version of the 'Lion Rampant' rule set, which we amended to make it as easy as possible for passersby to join in.
LWA LiverpoolClub display and 2 games
Mailed FistECW / 30 Years War
Martyn Hotchkiss28mm Wild West Fantasy Skirmish. Wild West Exodus .
MAWS28mm Napoleonic. Peninsular War skirmish using Chosen Men rules
Phoenix Modelling & Wargames SocietyDisplay of modelling and gaming
Pit Stop Gaming ShopTrouble at the Docks
Ribble Warriors28mm Fantasy. Kings of War 2000pts Undead v Dwarves
Spartans28mm Fantasy. Dragon Rampant.
Spartans28mm Samurai. Test of Honour Skirmish.
SpartansBoard Games
Spartans28mm 1930's. Very British Civil War.
Spartans28mm SF. Neromunda
SpartansClub Stand
The Ministry of Gentlemanly WarfareThud and Blunder skirmish
Tiny Terrain Models28mm Modern. 1995 "War in Chechnya" participation game
Warbases28mm 17th Century . Allez les Mousquetaires, participation game