Demonstration / Participation Games Confirmed

OrganisationGame Description
Brian Mcgonigle and Chris Carr28mm Pirates. The sacking of San Cristobal. Firelock Games Blood and Plunder rules.
Cheshire and Staffordshire Wargamers28mm Seven Years War. The Raids on Gross-Wisternitz and Holitz June 1758.
East Lancashire Wargames Association15mm Napoleonic Peninsular War Spanish v French.
East Lancashire Wargames Association28mm Dark Ages or Medieval using Hail Caesar.
East Lancashire Wargames AssociationRoman Chariot Racing Participation
Lance and Longbow Society28mm Medieval
LWA LiverpoolZulu Wars
LWA Liverpool28mm Renaissance DBR
Mantic GamesVanguard and Deadzone
Mutant Dice GamesBoardgame
Pit Stop Gaming ShopDeadzone
Sarissa / Warbanner28mm Gangs of Rome
Sarissa / Warbanner28mm Mortal Gods
Spartans28mm Fantasy Dragon Rampant
SpartansBoardgame Big Trouble in Little China
Spartans28mm SF
Warbases28mm Musketeers. All for One
Westwind15mm Dark Ages / Medieval .War and Empire