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Demonstration / Participation Games Confirmed

OrganisationGame DescriptionScalePeriod
All Hell Let LooseStar Wars Battle of Scarif participation6mmSci-Fi
All Independent 54mm Wargames ClubNapoleonic. French versus Prussians and Russians54mmNapoleonic
Cheshire and Staffordshire WargamersNapoleonic using Rank and File rules.15mmNapoleonic
East Lancashire Wargames AssociationWolfe’s landing at Louisburg in the French Indian War 1757-63 or thereaboutsTBATBA
East Lancashire Wargames AssociationGreek NavalTBAAncient
East Warrington GamingNecromunda28mmSciFi
Furness WarlordsHornblower Scenario1/300thWar in America
Lance and Longbow Medieval28mm Medieval
LWA LiverpoolClub Table
LWA LiverpoolTBA
LWA LiverpoolTBA
Mailed Fist30 Years War Swedes v Imperialists28mm30 Years War
Mutant Dice GamesTBATBATBA
Oldham WargamersTBATBATBA
Phoenix Modelling & Wargames SocietyModelling display.VariousVarious
Ribble Warriors40k city fight on a modular sculpted 8x4 game area.28mmWW1
SpartansDragon Rampant.28mmFantasy
SpartansClub Stand.NATBA
The Pit Gaming ShopDemo game Kings of war Armada & VanguardTBATBA
Tiger MiniaturesThe Sino-Burmese wars of 1765.28mm18th Century
VBCW ForumA Very British Civil War skirmish game. Two sides trying to take control of a farm. 28mmPost WW2
Wakefield & District WargamersThe Battle of Flamborough Head 1779 - a Black Seas game.TBAAWI
Warlord GamesDemo Game Epic ACWTBATBA