Cheshire and Staffordshire Wargamers28mm Seven Years War
East Lancashire Wargames Association15mm ACW using Fire & Fury
Footsore MiniaturesGangs of Rome 28mm skirmish
Goblin GamingWild West Exodus 28mm Skirmish
Lance and Longbow Adjacent to Dave Lanchester
LWA LiverpoolClub display and 2 games
MAWS28mm Napoleonic Peninsular using Chosen Men rules
Phoenix Modelling & Wargames SocietyDisplay of modelling and gaming
Pit Stop Gaming ShopTrouble at the Docks
SpartansDragon Rampant 28mm Fantasy
SpartansTest of Honour 28mm Samurai Skirmish
SpartansBoard Games
SpartansVery British Civil War 28mm
The Ministry of Gentlemanly WarfareThud and Blunder skirmish
Tiny Terrain Models1995 "War in Chechnya" participation game