Demonstration / Participation Games Confirmed

OrganisationGame DescriptionScalePeriod
All Independent 54mm Wargames ClubECW54mmECW
Cheshire and Staffordshire WargamersTBATBATBA
Crooked Dice7TV 28mm modern cinematic skirmish28mmModern
East Lancashire Wargames AssociationTBATBATBA
East Lancashire Wargames AssociationTBATBATBA
East Lancashire Wargames AssociationTBATBATBA
Glenbrook GamesChain of Command.TBATBA
Lance and Longbow Siege of Buda (1541). 28mm Medieval
LWA LiverpoolOld West.28mmTBA
LWA LiverpoolEnglish Civil War28mmECW
LWA LiverpoolClub Stand.NATBA
Mailed Fist30 Years War Swedes v Imperialists28mm30 Years War
Oldham WargamersVBCW. Seige of castle Darkwood. A group of foreign volunteers have broken through the Scottish republic front lines and is pushing towards the bridge over the Maidmont River. It's up to the defenders of castle Darkwood to hold them off. 28mm1930's
Phoenix Modelling & Wargames SocietyModelling display.NATBA
Ribble WarriorsBlood and Valor by Firelock Games. WW1 skirmish game.28mmWW1
SpartansDragon Rampant.28mmFantasy
SpartansGame of Thrones miniatures game.28mmFantasy
SpartansClub Stand.NATBA
The Pit Gaming ShopKings Of War Armada.TBATBA
Wakefield & District WargamersBlack Seas Naval. USS Alfred was the flag ship of a flotilla which tried to stop HMS Glasgow off Block Island in 1776. They failed.
All Hell Let LooseThe Glorious Glosters last stand on the Imjin river. Participation Game.6mmKorean War
Furness WarlordsNaval game...the battle of Plattsburg 1814. Britain vs the USA on the Lakes!1/300thWar in America
Warlord GamesTBATBATBA