Demonstration / Participation Games Confirmed

OrganisationGame Description
Brian Mcgonigle and Chris CarrThe sacking of San Cristobal. Firelock Games Blood and Plunder rules.
Cheshire and Staffordshire WargamersThe Raids on Gross-Wisternitz and Holitz June 1758.
Disturbed Earth GamesOdin's Pyre - Faith and Fury on a Dark Age battlefield.

Odin's Pyre is a 28mm skirmish game set in the dark ages of England.

A small warband of Viking warriors led by Arild Gunnarson raid a small settlement near the east coast of England. The local Jarl Valgard gathers what men he can and even the pious Brother Cuthbert dons his armour yet again to face off against the fearsome invaders.
East Lancashire Wargames AssociationPeninsular Spanish v French
East Lancashire Wargames AssociationDark Ages or Medieval using Hail Caesar
East Lancashire Wargames AssociationRoman Chariot Racing Participation
Lancaster Wargames ClubNo Show This Year
Lance and LongbowMedieval
LWA LiverpoolClub Display
LWA LiverpoolZulu Wars
LWA LiverpoolDBR
Mailed FistAmerican War of Independence using Black Powder rules
Mantic GamesVanguard and Deadzone
Mutant Dice GamesBoardgame
Pennine MegagamesStalingrad: Block by Block is an operational game expoloring the critical weeks of October 1942 when the fate of the Stalingrad was being decided in brutal urban combat. Players use 5cm cubes, representing regiments, on a map of the whole city to fight for control of the city. The game demonstrates a rule system that Pennine Megagames will be using for one of its megagames later in the year. Game system design by Paul Howarth, scenario design by Pete Sizer.
Phoenix Modelling & Wargames SocietyDisplay of Military models and wargames figures covering multiple periods in history
Pit Stop Gaming ShopDeadzone
Ribble WarriorsTBA
Sarissa / WarbannerGangs of Rome
Sarissa / WarbannerMortal Gods
SpartansDragon Rampant
SpartansBig Trouble in Little China
SpartansClub Stand
WarbasesAll for One