You’ve found our home page, hopefully had a look around and are now thinking of joining us. Before you do there are a few rules that you should be aware of.

I call them rules but generally they are just common sense.

The club is open to everyone over sixteen years old, younger than that and you have to be accompanied by an adult (We are not allowed to be responsible for youngsters).

Games are generally self organised but there is a booking system for the games tables, don’t abuse it. You may be keen but other members want to play games as well.

Membership fees are not excessive, but they do need to be paid on time. They are best paid by standing order as this saves you and the treasurer hassle, but if you can’t then the money can be collected on the night. In either case this must be before the 20th of the month because that is when the rent is due.

The only event that all members are expected to attend and assist with is the show. Most of the organisation is done by the dedicated few but come the big day it is all hands to the pumps. Don’t worry you will get time to look around yourself, but the show comes first.

The clubs scenery is there for use by all members, if you wish to borrow it for an event away from the premises then there is normally no problem, but let a member of the committee know BEFORE you remove it, and please take care of it whilst it is in your possession.

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