Strontium Dog – Old Enemies Campaign

Myself and Phil Crompton are playing a Warlord Games Strontium Dog campaign at the club. This a game designed by Warlord Games using the 2000AD IP they aquired back in 2017.

They have released two other games using modified versions of the same rules. Judge Dredd and Slaine.

Strontium was a favorite of us both so we started collecting the figures back in 2018 and have had a few games since, but we decided now was the right time for a full blown campaign.

SD Agents – Phil CromptonMuties – Barry Fee
Johnny AlphaHiss Weird
Wulf SturnhammerCuss Weird
The Styx Brothers X 2Silent Weird
Darkus Howler
2 x Howlers
Low Down Mc Phee

We did a game which I havent documented but Johnny Alpha and Wulf destroyed my Muties with a combination of firepower and brute Warhammer force ! I was determined not to let this happen again.

The Mission this time was a Bushwack!

Hiss Weird the leader of the Muties heard that Joey 3 Ears the Nark! was in the hands of Johnny and his Gang of Agents. Joey knew that Hiss was planning to take down a Shipment of Electronux paid for by the New Britain Government. He was key to the plans as he was the Transport Manager of Deltacorps Cargo fleet on Altair the Inustrial world the where the Siliconium is mined for the Elextronux parts. Johnny was taking him back to New Britain on Earth so that the full extent of his knowledge could be extracted by professional Psi Corps interrogators.

Hiss Weird could not let that happen but importantly Hiss wants revenge for the battle at the Comms tower that injured his associate Silent Weird.

Hiss made contact with a local wasteland scout Quiddich, who, using foresight Mutations tracked Johnny and his Prisoner to a dissused Plasma Turret base on the edge of Altairs dangerous Dry Zone.

Setting the ambush Hiss instructed his team to not harm Joey as they needed him to complete the transfer of the Electronux hand held weapons to their Ship rather than the legal cargo vessel they were bound for.

Terrain has been created mainly by members. We have a large selection of 28mm Sci Fi style terrain to choose from at the club so these games are easy to setup and ensure a unique look and feel. The Mat we used was a 3ft X 3ft Deep Cut Mouse Mat texture wasteland Mat.

Phil setup his SD Agents in the centre of the table with the Nark Joey 3 Eyes inside 3″ from Johnny Alpha. Phils mission was to escape with Joey and get as much info off him before the muties killed or rescued him. Each time johnny activiated he interrogated Joey for details of the plan. A little too much coercion though and Joey may make a run for it!

SD Agents in the Centre near the old Plasma Gun Turret
Darkus Howler and his two Howlers advancing from the cover of some palm trees.

I setup the Muties to cover all sides of the board in case Johnny made a dash for it.

Hiss Weird the leader of the Muties and his two associates Silent Weird and Cuss weird or Dr Frankenfurter as I like to call him
The Scout Quiddich and Low Down McPhee skulking in the shadows!

Without giving too much away the Game lasted 1 Turn !!! but with the activation system in Strontium Dog allowing multiple activations of the same figure this would have been the equivalent of around 4 turns in other systems.

a Wide shot of the table

The Muties are advancing on the Nark, Silent Huuss takes up a position in cover to the south unfortunatly Hiss was attacked by a Random Plant from the rocky area at the bottom of the screen. This was a Chicanery card played by Phil. you are given 3 at the start of each game that allow for random events to take place and build a narrative for the game.

Hiss stopped in the Rocks by an attack from a Rock Gobbler ! (Chicanery Card played by Phil)

Hiss is a Leader with a Cool Rating of 4 (Morale) which means he can be re activated multiple times in a turn. Unfortunatly this was not as effective as I wanted, after getting attacked he onl;y activated 1 more time and offered no advantage in the game!

The Howlers advance

The Game moved on with the Muties numbers counting as Darkus Howler took out an Ally to the Agents, No Head Norman was taken out by a combination of firepower from the Darkus and Howlers. Darkus advanced on the rear of Johnny team.

Meanwhile Cuss Weird took up a position in cover to the south of the Agent team.

The main highlight to the next phase of the game was when Darkus Howler activated his force field Armoury Card and advanced on the Styx brothers! Armoury cards are handed out at the start of a game and allow sides to play strange and useful weapon systems and effects at the most opprtune times in the game. The force field card gave Darkus a massive increase in resistance until I Roll a 2000AD symbol on the custom dice. Darkus closed on the Styx brother, both of whome are whats called Gunslingers. This Keywork means that they get to shoot back after a ranged attack if they roll well on the defence dice. as both of they are Gunslingers this caused an amazing sequance of Darkus attacking they Styx brother shooting back which triggered Gunslinger keyword on Darkus, who then shot back. This triggered Gunslinger again on the Styx brother which again tiggered it on Darkus. After 4 rounds of shooting finally Darkus’s Force field was down and he took a wound but the Styx brother was incapacitated ( Down or out for the count ) As this is a campaign we dont kill named figures that are just out till the next game. Some effects in the game can revive downed miniatures.

The fight rages on with Johnny starting to look exposed on his own. Johnny took an activation earlier in the game but declined to re use his activation token in case he got pinned. But he had at least gained valuable information from Joey three ears! Wulf had flew into a berserk rage and taken out Low Down McPhee and the scout at this time so the way out was looking good!

The Muties though had other plans and it was getting time to look at capturing the Nark !

Disaster for both sides as Darkus Howler following his trait called “Dead Better, Less Trouble” shot Three Ears in the head and killed him. Hiss was furious and the Muties pulled back to discuss the next steps. This was a great finish as it meanst both sides shared the bounty. Phil laughed as he knew the Muties had a chance to steal the Prisoner but Darkus ruined the opportunity with his trait to never capture a bounty!


We finished the game there with the following results for the campaign

Muties Pay OffReasonSD Pay OffReason
125,000Shared Bounty125,000Shared Bounty
100,000Created Video Slug for Publishing the Media of the Event for a TV Station100,000Interrogation of the Nark before he was killed
After a game you use the Encounter type to calculate the rewards in whats called Credit !
SD Agent – Styx BrotherSevere Wound 2 Games Perma Stunned -1 all stats for the whole Game
Mutie – Low Down McPheeMinor Wound 1 Game Perma Stunned -1 all stats for the whole Game (Was worse but my Sawbones Doc healed him of 1 wound level)
Campaign Damage
FactionTotal NotorietyCredits Banked
SD Agents50150,000Cr
Ongoing Performance is measured in both Notoriety & Credits Banked To Win 1 side must score 200 Notoriety or Bank 1.5M Credits
SD Agents Lair Upgrades
Muties Lair Upgrades

Lair Upgrades are used to add power and abilities to your Teams. They are paid for in Cedits and or Notoriety

I was born in 1965, I have been a member of the Club since 1982. I play mainly boardgames and Role Playing games but I also love Ancient and Medieval games. I started gaming when I was old enough to stand an Airfix Soldier up on my parents carpet. I moved up to Model Making kits and eventually found Donald Featherstone wargame rules at the local library, since then my life has always included gaming, be it online or social face to face gaming at the club.