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St Helens Spartans Gaming Articles

Rogue Trader: Session Eight

‘The Unquiet’ Greetings and welcome to the penultimate episode of our ongoing Rogue Trader campaign. In it we chart the adventures and misadventures of our Rogue Trader ship, Seraph, and her vagabond crew in their quest for profit and renown. No sooner had the landing part
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Phalanx 2014 Success

Thank you for attending Phalanx this year it was a great event as usual. The visitor numbers were consistent with previous years, but takings on the day were up. The Bring and buy was a great success as always and the catering changes worked out even better than before. Hopefully next
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Rogue Trader: Session Seven

“Eye of The Needle” Hello again. Here’s the latest instalment of our continuing saga, detailing the adventures of the Rogue Trader ship Seraph, and her crew. No sooner had the Explorers reached the lip of the platform, their enemies reacted. Klous, the Catachan pit f
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Rogue Trader: Session Six

“Hunters And Hunted” Welcome back to our ongoing campaign and the misadventures of the crew of the Rogue Trader ship Seraph. The slaying of the Dragon Hornet had given the Explorers chance to draw breath. Their ship was damaged and some of the crew were in need of medicae
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