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St Helens Spartans Gaming Articles

Rogue Trader: Session Two

“Footfall” Hello again. Welcome back to the continuing voyages of the Rogue Trader ship “Seraph” and her crew as they explore the dangerous and deadly Koronus Expanse searching for fame, wealth and glory. Klaxons wailed and emergency lights flashed as the first
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Rogue Trader Session One

“The Murdered World” Welcome to the first session report from our in-house Rogue Trader campaign. In it we follow the exploits of the crew of the Rogue Trader ship “Seraph” and their attempts to gain fame, wealth and glory in the dangerous and deadly Koronus Ex
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I keep getting asked by newcomers to the game “What is the best X-Wing Squadron”. The answer is: “It depends!”. However, newcomers to the game often get overwhelmed by the number of choices of ships, pilots and upgrades, so I thought is would be a good idea to
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Macedon V Persian FOG Game

We are learning the Fields of Glory V2 rules at the club, and after two smaller games we decided to play 1 large game and try to get a number of new players into the system. Forces of Alexander and Darius line up, the Macedonian center is to be held by a large sprawling Phalanx with i
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