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St Helens Spartans Gaming Articles

Cthulhu Season 2 – Session 4

Missing books, missing papers and a showdown in Harlem… Session held on 7 October 2014 It was a sombre breakfast on Wednesday 14th January. Each of the party mulled over the horrendous death of their friend and why he had been slain. Worryingly that morning’s newspapers co
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Cthulhu Season 2 – Session 3

A Death, Some Cultists and lots of clues… (session held on 30 September 2014) Returning back to the Astoria through the snowy winter’s day the party reconvened at dinner that evening. They mulled through the information that Jonah Kensington had handed over, Jackson’
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Cthulhu Season 2 – Session 2

In which the party travel to New York… Session held on 23 September 2014 Whilst taking the relatively short train journey from Arkham to Boston the party decided to revisit what they had so far unearthed about the 1919 Carlyle Expedition. A wise and sage move for as Captain Howa
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Call of Cthulhu – Season 2 (Session One Recap).

I have chosen not to reveal the name of the campaign we are playing as this will be a small spoiler to the players invoved. As we work our way through the adventures ahead I will change the titles of our sessions to reflect what has been discovered…or not as might be the case !
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