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St Helens Spartans Gaming Articles

The Story So Far

This a very brief summary of what happened in session 1 – 12 which, as I am writing has happened over a 6 months period! The party started in a small fishing town on the banks of the fast flowing Sheldomar river called Burnfield of the province Keoland. As small children everyon
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RPG Table Upgrade

Club Facilities Discussion We recently had a discussion as to what changes would be worth implementing at the club to make the gaming better. Mike Willis recently spent time down at the club putting up additional shelving and boxing then labelling terrain. This is itself was a great h
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Dystopian Wars Russians vs Britannia

Just in case anyone was wondering what happened in the Dystopian Wars game that was mentioned a week or two back, here it is: In Dystopian Wars, every fleet has certain defining characteristics: the Britannian Fleet has great all-round firepower at all ranges, with a good mix of weapo
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Role Playing V Roll Playing!

I read this great article recently about comparisons between old school gaming or “Role” playing v modern gaming or “Roll” playing, where it compares the lack of imagination and thought that has to go in to running a modern game compared to an old school game.
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