Date:November 21, 2013

Wand of Polymorphing

Polymorph wandThis wand emits a thin, green beam that darts forth a maximum distance of 60 yards. Any creature touched by this beam must make a saving throw vs. wands (success indicating a miss) or be polymorphed (as the polymorph others spell).

The wielder may opt to turn the victim into a snail, frog, insect, etc., as long as the result is a small and inoffensive creature. The possessor of the wand may elect to touch a creature with the device instead. Unwilling creatures must be hit and are also entitled to a saving throw.

If the touch is successful, the recipient is surrounded by dancing motes of sparkling emerald light, and then transforms into whatever creature-shape the wielder wants. This is the same magical effect as the polymorph self spell. Either function has an initiative modifier of +3. Each draws one charge. Only one function per round is possible. The wand may be recharged.