Pikemans Lament

Two of our club members got together recently to play a game of Ospreys Pikemans Lament

Pikemans Lament Game Preview

The Kings Warchest

Myself and Phil Crompton are in the early stages of a Campaign of Pikemans Lament, this system is based on the very popular Lion and Dragon Rampant rule systems and is set in the First English Civil war around 1642.

We have set the game around the south East of England where two opposing gentry, Sir Lancalot Sprat (Royalist – Barry Fee) and Lord Jodrell Bank (Parliamentarian Phil Crompton) are fighting for local control of the Eastern half of the County of East Anglia which was controlled by Parliament throughout the Civil War.

The scenario we chose was the kings Warchest. The Rebel parliamentarians need to steal King Charles Gold from him before the Royalists under Sir Lancalot Sprat Escape with the wages for the next months campaigning.

The Warchests were stationed off the Kings road in a meadow behind the Bell and Barrow Coach House.
Royalist forces are watering themselves by the River Todd and are not expecting the Rebels to attack. The Artillery is in tow as the new Canon has been received by Sir Lancalot Sprat needs to be tested.
Turn 1 and the Parliamentarian forces are approaching the Warchest from the North while the Royalists finish up their morning ablushons.
Turn 2 and the Royalist commanded shot have seen the threat and dashed for a wagon. The aim of the game is to take wagons off the board the more wagons the more Honour your commander will receive.
Turn 3 and the Royalist Shot have moved in to engage the Parliamentarian Shot while the Cavalry of the Rebel Leader Lord Jodrell Bank close on the position of the War Chests, skirting White House Farm. The Shot have both not fired yet so still have their first shot taoken available to give them a +1 to hit in the first volley.
Sir Lancalot suprises the Parliamentarian Horse with a volley of Pistol fire from the rear while the Royalist Dragoons rush to pickup a wagon before the Rebels steal their prize.

The Royalist Shot destroy the Parliamentarian shot with 1 well aimed volley

The Trotters engage the Galloers of the Parliamentarian Rebeils but fail to push them off the road.

The Skirmishers drag off a wagon for the king
The Dragoons of the King engage a troop of Banks Horse before they can steal away the Wages!
After returning fire a single Volley from the Parliamentarian Horse spooks Sir Lancalots Trotters and they turn and flee. Leaving Sir Lancalot Sprat with no alternative other than to leave the field with his Horse and hope his forces recover the Kings Wages.
The Parliamentarian Horse charge the Royalist Gun after desultry fire is inneffective
The Horse of Lord Bank sweep away the nearest Kings Warchest Wagon with the flank support of the Pike.
Finally the Royalist Pike appear on the Kings road to offer much needed support to the central forces trying to save the Wagons from a swift removal. The Clubmen having been quickly despatched.
I was born in 1965, I have been a member of the Club since 1982. I play mainly boardgames and Role Playing games but I also love Ancient and Medieval games. I started gaming when I was old enough to stand an Airfix Soldier up on my parents carpet. I moved up to Model Making kits and eventually found Donald Featherstone wargame rules at the local library, since then my life has always included gaming, be it online or social face to face gaming at the club.
  1. Phil Crompton

    Those damned lace-wearing Royalist fops managed to escape a bloody nose. The coward Spratt deserves a flogging for his yellow-belly tactics. The Godly will be back, Sir, to give you a good thrashing (and so speaketh Lord Jodrell Bank).

    A very enjoyable campaign game we’re having so far. The system is very easy to pick up but also great fun to play. It’s been hysterical watching Barry’s troops desperately lugging their cannon around the playing area for the last two games trying to get a bead on the Parliamentarians only to see it overrun with a last gasp charge by the Gallopers. An action a certain Lord Cardigan was to replicate some 200 years later the plagiarising scoundrel!

  2. Barry Fee

    It is the Kings will that decides these games Mr Crompton, your rebelious troops shall never defeat Gods chosen leader of this country!