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Star Wars Armada Game Session

The Rebel fleet blinks out of hyperspace to find itself confronted by a mass of Imperial Star Destroyers and a rapidly approaching swarm of TIE fighters. Stunned Rebel officers stare at their screens in consternation.  Admiral Ackbar swivels round in his chair, eyes bulging. “It’s a t
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AGM 2015 19:30pm

Jonathan Robson will be chairing the event this year, thanks to him for agreeing. Barry will assist. The location will be Ruskin Social Club Bar ( a larger section for us this time) and the agenda will be sent round within the next week. Can you all please put the date in your calenda
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Phalanx Blog Review

Following the success of the show on the day in terms of traders, demo games, bring and buy and attendance, I received this link from Norman Smith an avid gamer and blogger who has attended Phalanx over the years and watched it grow and grow. his review speaks volumes to me about the
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15mm DBA Ancient Wargame Table

I am going to run a series of 15mm Ancient Wargames for anyone interested. Each game will last around an hour and a half, and we use a single 2ft x 2ft tile so multiple games can take place on a single table. I will bring my Persian/Greeks so can field a few different armies. The rule
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