AloriAlori – Sylvan Elf Fighter of Silverwood Ran by Shaun

For the entirety of Alori’s life he had been training as a warrior, a protector of his forest, one who was sworn to protect any and all Elves that did not cross purposes with those he cared for. So dedicated to his cause,  he spent every waking moment training both body and mind determined to be amongst the greatest warriors his village has ever seen.

Travellers in the Silverwood were a common occurrence and a pair of elves was as normal as could be expected in such a place though bandits in the Silverwood were not common and neither was witnessing a pair of elves conjuring a slew of colours from their hands to win a fight before it had even started.

Alori found this magic to be both incredible and yet terrifying what use would all his training be if he could be dispatched with such ease? Determined to learn more he pressed both elves for information and in doing so buried his fears and forged a friendship that would last a life time.

As time passed a great war erupted, and while mostly excluded from the machinations of the outside world a great Orc war band seized the opportunity and begun to build a fortress on the outskirts of the forest. The threat could not be ignored, and so pressed to defend themselves from this encroaching army the Sylvian Elves of the Silverwood sent their forest guardians to face the Orcish encroachment head on. Using their superior skill and home ground advantage the tenacious Elven forces emerged but not without taking some serious losses themselves.

Returning from the battle Alori and his kin found their home in ruin, stood there alone amongst the wreckage a single ominous figure could be seen. Sorrow surrounds this being. The elves, blinded by rage after seeing their home in wreckage charged the lone figure with not of a thought of their own safety.

They fell, not one by one but in hordes to the single monstrous figure. The being knew not mercy, not compassion, its only art was death,  only one survived, Alori.

Everywhere the poor elf looked he could see only death; the ghastly figures of those he failed to protect haunted his every waking moment. With sadness in his soul and a burning need to avenge the fallen he begins his journey to seek out his magical childhood friend Quinn and protect all that he has left in this world.

Who was the lone figure and what made him target the Village in the way he did?


Alori's Magical Items

+1 Ring of Protection

A ring of protection improves the wearer’s Armor Class value and saving throws versus all form
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Ioun Stones

These magical stones always float in the air and must be within 3 feet of their owner to be of any u
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