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Call of Cthulhu The Masks of Nyalathotep

Session One; Called into the office of Spiro Theopolis, Managing Director of Arkham Investigations Inc., William Evans was handed a telegram by his angry-faced boss. Dated January 1925 it was from an old aquaintance, a friend who he hadn’t seen for some time, but still a valued
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D&D Next Play Test

So we have been offered a sneak peek at the next edition of D&D, The Caves of Chaos adventure will be run in the next few weeks and our impressions of the system will be added to this article plus pictures and links to video’s of us playing the game. Keep checking the websit
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More New Stuff from the Workbench

Had the old pin hole black box out again …  
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Modern Mini Campaign

Modern Mini Campaign – Fire From the East! Brian Goodison has been preparing for a ‘Modern’ Game at the club over the last few weeks. He wanted to do a large game where the players controlled whole divisions and the on table forces where dictated by map movement. The
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