Phalanx Images Archive

These Gallery’s are the images taken over the last few years at Phalanx. They show a range of images including traders, demonstration games, competition winners, club members and the general public.

"What People say about Phalanx"

  • vbcw This was my second time at phalanx and the first time I put on a game. On both of my visits I have found it an enjoyable and well run show. I find the layout helps the show by keeping both the games and sellers in one room help visitors find everything and keep things moving. The time before that I visited as a visitor and found it one of the most enjoyable shows I had visited, with staff more than willing to point out where everything was.
    One of the most enjoyable shows I had visited, Organiser
  • I developed my 'Dirty DBA' rules many years ago now for the benefit of the poor (bored?) younger wargamer (or potential wargamer) being dragged round the show by their Dads, to give them something simple to try out with lots of dice rolling. I usually fight some 8-12 battles a show, with a 'battle' lasting between 15-30 minutes (usually), and the average age of those taking part is 12/14 years. Great fun, and there are always one or two of them who take their Dads off afterwards to buy them some figures - so good for the future of the hobby, too. In many ways Phalanx is the highlight of my gaming year, because it's wargames purely for fun.
    "Phalanx is the highlight of my gaming year, because it's wargames purely for fun", Organiser
  • "This is one of the best run shows I have attended as either  a demonstration  game player or as a visitor. Our club East Lanc's Wargames Association have been invited to put on a game ever since the show began, facilities are good and help with unloading and loading is excellent (more shows could do this).The show organisers give us plenty of notice and we have enough table space  to put on a game. This year we also found out how good the first aid support is as one of our members was taken ill. We have and hope to enjoy this show for many years to come. Keep up the good work."
    "best run shows I have attended", Organiser
  • "Phalanx is one of our favourite show’s, it helps that it is run by the second best club in Merseyside, Well organised, always welcoming, with plenty of room to browse the trade.
    "Phalanx is one of our favourite show’s", Organiser
  • caseshot publishing
    "We really enjoyed the experience of the putting on "Wellington's First Battle" at Phalanx 2013.  The venue was easy to find and the reception was great.  We had no sooner parked than we were being shown the entrance that gave us the quickest delivery route to our spot in the hall.  We had a good position with plenty of room around the table.  The hall itself was well lit and well ventilated.  There seemed  to  be a good attendance and we had lots of interest in our game.  There was a good selection of trade stands.  So we were already pleased with the day, when you turned up at the end of the day to award us the "Best in Show" prize.
    So in summary, a great day out facilitated by a good venue, a good selection of games & trade stands  and a very professional organising team"
    "A great day out facilitated by a good venue", Organiser

Phalanx 2012

Images Taken at Phalanx 2012 in the Main hall. The odd lighting is down to the venue lighting and no
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Phalanx 2011

These images are from our Show in 2011 and show the whole event from setup on the friday evening to
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Phalanx 2013

Sorry for the last of images in this gallery as no one took photos on the day [nggallery id=19]
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Phalanx 2014

An amazing show this year, well attended, lots of money spent, a busy bring and buy and our first ev
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