Demo Games Confirmed
No Club/Trade Description Period Scale
1 Stand to Games Limited Over the Hills – Forager. Participation. A very small scale unit skirmish game – no more than 6-12 figures per side based in Peninsula Spain Napoleonic 28mm
2 Manchester Area Wargames Club American war of 1812 – Battle of Cryslers Farm – 11th November 1813 – Black Powder Rules Napoleonic 25/28mm
3 Phoenix modelling and wargames Society Large Display of models and miniatures Various Various
4  East  Lancs Wargames Club House Rules Late Renaissance 15mm
5  Ben Houghton and Christopher Otterburn Demo Game of Bolt Action. 6 months in the making based in the snow of the Ardennes WW2 28mm
6 Mailed Fist – Manchester Recreation of the Battle of Kunersdorf – During the Seven Years' War more than 100000 men clashed in a decisive battle near Kunersdorf – east of Frankfurt. On 12 August 1759 a combined allied army of 41000 Russians and 24000 Austrians – under Field Marshall Pyotr Saltykov – defeated and scattered Frederick the Great's Prussian army of 50900. So great was the defeat that after the battle only 3000 soldiers from Frederick's original army returned to Berlin. The battle represented the penultimate success of the Russian Empire under Tsarina Elizabeth Petrovna Romanov and arguably was Frederick's worst defeat and ultimately led to end of the war 7Yrs War 15mm
7  Liverpool Wargames Association Various Demonstration/Participation Games – Club stand and Info Various Various
8  East  Lancs Wargames Club House Rules Samurai 28mm