[table caption=”Demo/Participation Games Confirmed” width=”925″ colwidth=”100|1000|100″colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
1,Stand to Games Limited, Over the Hills – Forager. Participation. A very small scale unit skirmish game – no more than 6-12 figures per side based in Peninsula Spain, Napoleonic, 28mm
2,Manchester Area Wargames Club, American war of 1812 – Battle of Cryslers Farm – 11th November 1813 – Black Powder Rules, Napoleonic, 25/28mm
3,Phoenix modeling and wargames Society, Large Display of models and miniatures, Various, Various
4,East  Lancs Wargames Club, House Rules, Late Renaissance, 15mm
5,Ben Houghton and Christopher Otterburn, Demo Game of Bolt Action. 6 months in the making based in the snow of the Ardennes, WW2, 28mm
6,Mailed Fist – Manchester, Recreation of the Battle of Kunersdorf – During the Seven Years’ War more than 100000 men clashed in a decisive battle near Kunersdorf – east of Frankfurt. On 12 August 1759 a combined allied army of 41000 Russians and 24000 Austrians – under Field Marshall Pyotr Saltykov – defeated and scattered Frederick the Great’s Prussian army of 50900. So great was the defeat that after the battle only 3000 soldiers from Frederick’s original army returned to Berlin. The battle represented the penultimate success of the Russian Empire under Tsarina Elizabeth Petrovna Romanov and arguably was Frederick’s worst defeat and ultimately led to end of the war, 7Yrs War, 15mm
7,Liverpool Wargames Association, Various Demonstration/Participation Games – Club stand and Info, Various, Various
8,East  Lancs Wargames Club, The Battle is a fictional one from the Sengoku-Jidai (Warring States Period) of Japanese history taking place in central Japan around 1575 and is loosely based on the siege and battle of Nagashino.  A daimyo warlord has marched his army into an enemy province and laid siege to an enemy castle hearing that his castle is under siege the castle’s warlord owner is marching with his army to the relief of the besieged garrison. The relieving army must defeat the besieging army and lift the siege whereas the besieging army must defend against the relieving army as well as leaving troops to contain the castle from a possible garrison breakout, Samurai, 28mm
9,Cheshire and Staffordshire Wargamers, TBA, Seven Years War, 28mm
10,Oldham Wargames, As the crisis heats up the government forces in Manchester are beginning to gather up the supplies they will need to beat this. The Manchester communists have decided to ambush one such convoy and capture its supplies. The ambush at Underwood Lane would become know as the first engagement in the Manchester sector, Modern, 28mm
11,Kalistra, Battle of Cambrai 1917, WWI, TBA
12,Lance and Longbow, The Attack on Venlo 1372 from the First Guelders War of Succession. During the 14th century the Duchy of Guelders is one of the prominent regions of the Netherlands then still referred to as the Low Countries. After the death of Duke Reinald II in 1343 the throne is claimed by both sons Eduard and Reinard III but they are minors. Local noblemen seek to gain advantage so Eduard is supported by the Lord of Bronckhorst while the Lord of Heeckeren supports Reinald. Eduard won the civil war but was killed at the Battle of Baesweiler in August 1371 then Reinald III died in December that year. Neither brother had children so the succession moved to their half-sisters Maria (supported by the Bronckhorst party) and Mechteld (adopted by the Heeckerens). Venlo is one of the important towns in Guelders and joins Maria. In late summer 1372 the Heckeren party lay siege to the town. In our partly fictitious scenario the Heeckerens are laying siege to Venlo and a Bronckhorst relief army surprises the besiegers who have to fight the enemy mostly on foot. The demo game uses Hail Caesar rules and displays a broad selection of Low Countries Heraldry and 25-28mm wargame figures ranging from good old Lammings to the latest outstanding Claymore figures, Medieval, 28mm
13,Asylum Wargaming, TBA, TBA, TBA
14,Great Escape, TBA, TBA, TBA
15,St Helens Spartans, 3D Space Hulk using 3D Corridors rooms and doors, SCI-FI, 28mm
16,St Helens Spartans, Dungeons of Massmora – Fantasy dice Rolling Dungeon Crawl board game, Fantasy, Boardgame
17,St Helens Spartans, Test of honor is the latest game to be released by Warlord. The period is feudal Japan during the 15th-16th century the game operates as a fast and enjoyable skirmish with its own uniqueness involving A small number of Samurai and a few Ashigaru foot soldiers. The initial skirmish would involve a small number of troops on each side design for a two player encounter it is both colorful and even a little challenging. ,Medieval Japan, 28mm
18,St Helens Spartans, Using Dragon Rampant Rules from Osprey Greek Mythological v Egyptian Mythological. In the desert Zeus Aphrodite and their worshipers will combat Anubis Sobek and their followers for the spoils of the ruined city of Hamunaptra. Hot sand!, Fantasy, 28mm
19,St Helens Spartans, Infinity Demo Game – Infinity is a 28mm metal miniatures game simulating special operations and skirmishes in a high technology sci-fi universe. Infinity recreates Direct Action operations which are quick lethal and very risky. Missions are executed in the midst of a combat zone or behind enemy lines but always in critical areas where the level of risk is the highest. The player assumes command of a small group of elite troops specifically chosen before the battle begins to suit the mission’s profile. This allows players to tailor their team’s composition depending on the current mission fielding different operatives from different units to find the professional troops whose skills may be the most useful during the operation, Sci-Fi, 28mm
20,St Helens Spartans, Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Game, Sci-Fi, 28mm
21,Society of Ancients, DBA Participation Games Ran with a real Entusiast at the helm, Ancients, 15mm
22,Pennine Megagames, Can you force the British Empire to a compromise peace after Dunkirk? Will your brave sailors bring home the bacon from the East? Pennine Megagames presents both ‘Finest Hour’ a simulation of resource management focused on the 1940-41 period from Britain’s perspective and ‘Traders of Italy’ a counter-flicking game of wealth acquisition set in the Renaissance. Both games should take no more than 30 minutes to play and are suitable for 8+. We will also be free to chat about our calendar of all day games which cater for up to 70 players. Come to see us especially if you have an interest in Cold War Gone Hot, Historical, Boardgame